My skincare routine

Monday, May 19, 2014


I have been thinking about writing this for a while...
Not too sure why I am only doing this now...

Okay...Let's begin with my skin condition!
My skin is not perfect...
Well, I edit my pictures so... you see!
My skin breaks out here and there...
Sometimes, occasionally...
 I will get a big pimple on my nose, and a few small pimples everywhere else...
It doesn't look too bad!
Majority are renting spaces on my forehead!
I have big big pores... very visible ones!
Oily T-zone, dry cheeks...
Fine lines under my eye area...
Dark under eye circles....
Blackheads/whiteheads around nose, cheeks and chin area...
>,< I should stop here...
Getting a little depressed :(
My skin needs help!!!
Once I started listing my skin troubles down...
The list just goes on and on and on... like forever!

Anyway, my point is...
My skin is better or looks better now..
Looks brighter and healthier.
Skincare is very important and should not never be neglected...
Something I feel totally guilty about...
FYI, I only started cleansing my skin properly in 2013!
I started with a cleanser and toner only!
No moisturizer yet!
Then as time goes by... after two months only... I am totally obsessed!
My collection increased tremendously and my wallet bleed non-stop!
I need to control my spending on skincare!!!

I finally believe in "There is no ugly women, only lazy women!"
I was a lazy women *blush*

Now, if you look at my skincare routine...
Some people might find it...
too lengthy...
too tiring...
too scary...
or just totally surprised!

I will not be reviewing the products here...
Some products had been reviewed previously so I will link it here.

Let's get started!

Skincare routine (morning)

1. Cleanser

Currently using cleansing wash from Michelle Lazar (review here)
I have been using this for about one month now
So far so good.
Skin feels squeaky clean but not drying
Lather up well and cleanse for about one or two minutes.
Be gentle and I actually count a lot when I cleanse my face.
I count to make sure I cleanse properly... can I say that?
I try not to rush so counting helps... a little?
I count to at least 10 for each area... lol

I prefer to dry my face with tissue instead of towel.
However, I saw from YouTube that drying the face is not necessary as all the moisture would be absorbed by tissue/towel. I tried this once... but... not sure why I did not continue following this... hmm

When I am super hardworking, I will cleanse with a konjac sponge or cleansing pads afterwards.
Charcoal Konjac Sponge (full review here)
I bought this from Sasa when it was on promotion and it was way cheaper than

My cleansing pad
I bought this at Daiso.

2. Toner

Currently using toner from Ceutical Plus (review here).
To be honest, I have never heard or seen the brand before.
I was at Sasa @ Sunway Pyramid and I saw the tester.
The salesperson came over and promoted this so I bought it.
Zero stickiness and affordable
Just pour the toner over cotton pad and pat onto face.

3. Blackheads sebum gel

A friend introduced me to b.liv off with those heads because I have serious blackheads around my nose, cheeks and chin area
Have been using for quite some time now on T-zone only
It works wonder sometimes... I guess
Well, it is easier to squeeze out the blackheads around my nose
I noticed that the blackheads around my nose are lesser now.

4. Eye cream

Currently using Marjoram & Lavender Brightening Eye Cream EX from Naruko (review here)
Been using this for a few months now
Using my ring finger, I gently dab the cream around my eyes
Provides good hydration

5. Serum

Currently using a serum from Indeed Laboratories, Hydraluron (review here).
Read a lot of good reviews online.
*Quickly take out wallet and pay*
The first serum I bought and consider quite affordable la...
Hydrates my skin really well

6. Moisturizer

Currently using the Snail Collagen Acquaring Gel from Dr. Post (review here).
This tub of gel replaced my moisturiser.
It is super good to me... Lol.
I hate stickiness but this... I can forgive it's stickiness (minimal) because my skin is softer, much more hydrated and radiant after using this...
This is totally made for my skin...

7. Sunblock

Currently using sunblock from Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base (review here)
I hate sunblock like mad... and sometimes I will intentionally "forget" to apply before heading outside...
Hmm... Then one day I saw Melodee's YouTube channel and decided I should give this a try.
I totally love this!
The scent is light and quite nice (my opinion) plus it is smooth after application!
It is not oily at all unlike other sunblock that I had tried before...


Skincare routine (night)

1. Deep Pore Cleanser or Oil Cleanser

Before using the Deep Pore Cleanser from Michelle Lazar (review here), I was using a cleansing oil.
Been using this for a few months now.
Apply the deep pore cleanser over wet face, massage for a while.
Do not rinse off.
Lather up the cleansing wash (below) and cleanse as usual (the deep pore cleanser is still on the face)
It is important to double cleanse at night (makeup, pollution, dirt, sunblock)

2. Cleanser
Same as above

3. Toner
Same as above

4. Blackheads sebum gel
Same as above

5. Night eye gelly

Currently using night eye gelly (review here) from Naruko Raw Job's Tears series.
Been using for over 6 months already.
Still have 75% of the products left.
It is sticky so I dislike this...but just use cause I dun wan to waste it ;p

6. Serum
Same as above

7. Moisturizer
Same as above

8. Night gelly or sleeping mask

Currently using night gelly (review here) from Naruko Raw Job's Tears series.
Been using for over 6 months but only 5% of the product left.
Does a great job in hydration and brightening! Not immediately so need to give it more time for results.


1. Avene Thermal Spring Water

Bought this when it was on promotion.
I use it when I feel that my skin is dehydrated in the middle of the day and almost anytime...
Great for soothing sensitive skin (I have mild eczema)

2. Exfoliators

Currently using the exfoliator from Cure Natural Aqua Gel (review here).
The best exfoliator I had tried so far.
I use this once or twice a week.
Will totally repurchase this.
Skin looks brighter and smoother every time I use this.

3. Sheet masks

Sheet masks are just so convenient!
I had 6 boxes of sheet masks previously but I was so hardworking...
Now ended up with only 2-3 boxes...
I will pamper my skin with sheet masks 2-3 times a week.
10-30 minutes

4. Jelly masks

My favorite jelly masks were from Annie's Way.
I use these once or twice a week.
These jelly masks really does what it claims!
30-40 minutes

*small tips*
It is a little difficult to remove the jelly mask.
To make it easier, I usually use the cleansing pad (my sister use the konjac sponge) to wash the jelly mask off.

Aloe jelly mask review
Arbutin and hyaluronic acid jelly mask review
Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask
Lavender Relaxing Jelly Mask

5. Eye masks

Eye masks are a must for me!
I use them 2-3 times a week... or at least once a week without fail!
15-20 minutes

My favorites at the moment are BeautyMate Collagen Smooth Nano Eye Mask and BeautyMate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask

6. DIY mask

Rice paper masks are my current favourite!
It is not as convenient as sheet masks but it is way cheaper.
Rice papers are very cheap... I think I got it for RM 5 and there were 22 sheets!
After pampering my skin with this rice paper mask, my skin is brighter and hydrated.
I use this when I am not lazy... once or twice a month... or even longer... lol
Sometimes I just cut it up and soak in water... If I'm in the mood, I will soak it in green tea or milk.

7. Carbonated water

Seen this on a Korean TV show, Get it Beauty some time ago...
Some of the benefits include emit dust, helping with blood circulation, reduce swollen face and lift up skin.
Use a 1:1 ratio (tepid water and carbonated water) and soak face for about 10-20 seconds.
For people with sensitive skin, try patting onto face.

Not too sure about the effect... but it feels good...
Tried drinking it as well... lol
Of course before I soak my face la...

Okay... That's pretty much all of it!

#nomakeup #nofilter #noedit

Not too bad right?
Before slapping on a new layer of products, just make sure the products are absorbed into the skin already to avoid flaking. Normally my nose will flake if I slapped all the layers in too fast!

Some of the extras were much more time consuming of course!

The result is more obvious when you put in extra effort!
So, don't be lazy!

Looking at the list...
I suddenly feel that I spent a whole lot of fortune (and time) on them...
But it is still affordable la...
Plus some were gifts from friends and families la...

That's all for now!
Thank you for reading :)


  1. My konjac sponge is still in my luggage. ^^

    1. Try to use it and see if it is good for your skin!

  2. Omg. Sooooo loooooonnngggggg!!!

  3. But your skin looks perfect...........
    I know this is abit rude ahah but how old are you? You said you're married but you look so young!
    I'm JiaYin btw also from KL. idk why I cant comment with my name, so yea just introducing myself so I don't sound like a creep ^^

    1. Hi JiaYin. No, you're not a creep. My skin is not perfect... Has its own problems from time to time... Well, age is secret... Here's a hint... I'll be 30 in a few years time... Haha. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. First of all you are absolutely gorgeous and your skin is flawless. :)

    I have been wanting to try Asian skin care products for sometime. I live in America (I'm 20) and although I spend a lot of money on the skin care products I use now, I still haven't used anything that has really made a difference in my skin.

    I have very pale skin and it's also very sensitive. I have hyperpigmentation ares on my face and I also struggle with a little bit of acne. I tend to get dry around those breakouts too.

    I'm glad I came across this post because It gives me some ideas on what I should consider purchasing.

    Do you have any suggestions of what you think are the best/your favorite products you use to give me an idea on what I should buy? I'm very new to this stuff hahaha

    1. Hi, thank you for the kind compliment. I am not an expert in skincare in any way. I love trying new skincare products.

      My favorite products are Annie's Way Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask, Naruko Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Brightening Night Gelly, Mamonde 7 days project sheet mask, Cure Natural Aqua Gel and BeautyMate Collagen Smooth/Bright Up Nano Eye Mask. Most of these reviews were on my blog.

      Do stay tuned for more skincare reviews and I am also thinking of doing a post on my favorite skincare products.