Taiwan Trip Day 4 (28 October 2014) Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, Shifen and Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our initial plan was to wake up extremely early but we were too tired...
We woke up at 7 am which was an hour later than our original plan...

Our first stop was Yehliu Geological Scenic Park (野柳自然中心)

How to get there
From Jiantan Station take green line towards Xindian Station and get off at Gongguan Station
It took about 20 minutes to reach
We crossed the road at the main entrance of National Taiwan University to get to the bus stop
Take bus 1068 and get off at Yehliu Geological Scenic Park (野柳自然中心)
The journey was about an hour

NT24 per person for MRT
NT70 per person for bus


It was 10:45 am when we reached...
Beause we were visiting...
the university!

It was really quick...
I felt smarter already!

The we head over to the bus stop...
We waited for a while before the bus arrive...

Us... on the bus...

There were less than 10 people on the bus...
We slept almost all the way...
We woke up about 30 minutes before our stop...

As we were the last two on the bus, the driver talked to us...
He thought we were local... so he talked to us in Taiwanese...
When we talked the driver realized we were not local...

The driver was really friendly and nice...
He told us where to go (nearby) and where to get on the bus to go back Taipei later...

It was extremely windy there!

Time  to buy ticket!

NT80 per person

This is so cute... lol

Cute princess

There were long  queues at some places to take a picture...
Tips: We did not queue as we took it from the other side... lol

We spent about one hour thirty minutes in the park...

Yehliu is full of seawater-eroded holes as well as numerous rocks in various shapes

Very nice view

The wind was too strong!

The waves were also strong!

Candid shot by hubby

Sea view

One with hubby

Next... Bird watching!


We decided to turn back when we saw the stairs!

Fairy's shoe

Erosion/weathering is pretty creative?

There is a queue here...
Can you guess why?

Hint: Landmark of this place!

Queen's head!

The leopard!
Looks like it right?

The wonders of nature!

Time to leave!

Bye bye!

There were lots of food to try there... lol
Hubby thinks the prawn crackers here were nice and not so oily so we bought some...

3 packs for NT250
We bought original, seaweed and curry flavour

We went to 7-eleven to top up our EasyCard
Cost: NT500 per person

Our next destination is Jiufen!

How to get there
Taiwan Tour Bus 862 to Keelung (outside 7-eleven)
Take bus 788 and get off at Jiufen Old Street (九份老街)
(Walk up the sky bridge, turn right, walk straight, turn left and turn left)
There was a lot of people waiting for the bus there (in front of Family Mart and a clinic)
We crossed the road at the main entrance of National Taiwan University to get to the bus stop
Take bus 1068 and get off at Yehliu Geological Scenic Park (野柳自然中心)
The journey was about 1 hour 30 minutes

NT30 per person for bus 862
NT30 per person for bus 788


We got on the Taiwan Tour Bus pretty soon

The driver introduced the places of interest with a mic...
Very nice :)
Can learn something while resting...
The bus driver even stopped for some visitors to get lunch box (including the driver's)

We got off in front of Keelung Visitor Information Centre
We went in to ask for directions to get to Jiufen from here...

The sky bridge is just next to the visitor centre

The journey was quite long and the road was narrow and winding...
The bus drivers have extremely good skills here!

The view once we got off!

We reached Jiufen Old Street (九份老街) at about 2:30 pm

Time for lunch and shopping!

The first shop we stopped by!

The Jiang Mu Cha (ginger tea) here is so nice!
We tried a few at other night markets but I did not like it...
The one I tried here was really nice!

They gave us a lot of different samples (hot and cold)...

We bought a few packets
NT150 each

It was really heavy!
The auntie kept our stuff there after we had paid so we do not need to carry our heavy bags while shopping
When we finished shopping we went back for our stuff
They were really nice!

We bought almond powder for hubby's aunt
NT350 for 600g

Salted crispy mushroom

I love it
It was very crispy and a little salty

I love organizers of all sorts...

For my skincare products...
Very convenient when travelling...

Lunch time!

The place we chose

Right: Mushroom meatballs noodle NT45
The taste is quite plain but not too bad
I never really like meatballs

Left: Beef noodle NT100
I love the beef noodle so much!
Hubby who does not really like beef also give this a thumbs up
The beef is tender and juicy
The soup taste great!

Time for dessert @ Jiufen Bai Mei Taro Balls Exclusive Store

Assorted taro balls ice NT45

I did not tried this...
Hubby tried it but did not really like it...

Take bus 788 and get off at Jin Gua Shi Gold Ecological Park (金瓜石黄金博物园区)
NT15 per person

We did not visit the gold museum...
Next is... Golden Waterfall!

We followed Google Maps...
Got off and saw that it was a 20 minutes walk...
So we decided to walk...
After about 10 minutes, we were chased by stray dogs...
It was a nightmare!
I thought that it was my last trip... ever... in my life...
My mind went blank...
I imagined the strays would ripped off our limbs and eat us alive!
Hubby shouted at them and they stopped for a while...
Then hubby took his tripod and aimed towards them to make the stop chasing us...
My heart nearly popped out...

After that we decided to turn back...
Hubby realized my hands were so cold later on...
We walked back to the museum to wait for bus...

Guess what?
This was always the first story hubby tells his friends/family!

How to get there
Take bus 788 (opposite the gold museum) and get off at Ruifang Station
The journey was about 30 minutes

NT15 per person


Reached the station at about 5:30 pm

I went to the visitor's center for some information...
I asked which station I should get off at for the sky lantern...
The staff suggest Shifen Station as it was already quite late...
Shifen station is nearer than Pingxi Station so if you do not have enough time, just get off at Shifen for sky lantern

On the train heading to Shifen Station at 6:30 pm
NT18 per person
We reached at 7:10 pm

I was so worried that the shops would all be closed by the time we reached!
Luckily, we made it!

We chose a multi color lantern for NT200

Of course money!

After that, we went back to the station to get to our next destination!

We took the train from Shifen to Badu and switch train to Keelung Station
NT39 per person

We reached Keelung Station at about 9 pm
Time to go to Keelung Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市)

Take the sky bridge, turn right and go straight.

Go straight at the first traffic light
Cross the road after the bus station and walk towards McDonalds
Walk to the end of the street and you will see the night market

Keelung Miaokou Night Market

It felt like Malaysia's food court!

Time for food!

The first stop was...

Oyster Omelette!

Looks so yummy!

To be honest, hubby and I both did not enjoy it...
It was not what we like...
A little gooey-ish
The best I had so far (which is very limited) was in Taipan USJ food court!


Oil rice (NT25) and crab soup (NT50)!

The oil rice was just normal...
The crab soup was so good I was so tempted to order another...
Even though I was a little allergic to seafood... I don't care!
I just love it!

Walk around a little and I bought another organizer...
It was a little cheaper... so I bought it...
Undergarments travel bag...


We were still a little hungry...

Fried stuff again!

Salted crispy chicken (NT30) and squid (NT30)

How can you go wrong with fried stuff?

We decided it was time to head back...

Our last stop was...

This caught our attention!

We ordered Taro Milk Tea (1 litre) for NT50
Hubby loves this!
It was super worth it!

We walked back to the train station...
Tried to find the bus station back to Taipei but we did not managed to find it!
Google maps brought us to the wrong place!

We did not want to miss the bus since it was nearly 11 pm already...
I quickly find someone nearby to ask for directions...
It was really lucky... lol

The bus station is in between 7-eleven and yellow signboard
We depended too much on Google maps... >,<

Time to go back to Taipei!

How to get there
Take Kuokuang bus 1813 back to Taipei West Bus Station
The journey was about 35 minutes

NT47 per person (EasyCard)


From Taipei West Bus Station walk to Taipei Main Station, then took MRT back to Jiantan Station
Cost: NT16

End of a very long day...


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